Improving Medical Services in Austin

intro3TEDMED – Texas Medical Association Austin aims to nurture big dreams and use them to make the world a better place. The Texas Medical Association in Austin is joining TEDMED to interact with other professionals in the field, learn about new developments in medical care, share experiences and perspectives, and collaborate on coming up with innovative solutions.

The Texas Medical Association, a non-profit organization made up of medical professionals and medical students, prides itself in its involvement in improving medical services and improving the knowledge and techniques of the medical community.


TEDMED is an annual gathering of medical practitioners that lasts for two and a half days. This conference is host to numerous resource speakers from different fields, delegates from all over the country, and progressive new start-up organizations. In the conference, various breakthroughs, projects, and research are presented by speakers and discussed in depth by medical professionals and students. The talks are broadcast to over a hundred countries and thousands of individuals in hospitals, medical schools, and government agencies.

Every year, the conference is watched by thousands of people and remote participants from all over the world.

Chiropractic: Pain and Spine problems

In the last ten years, chiropractors have grown in their practice significantly across the United States.  We greatly endorse this medical field as an effective  means of relieving and preventing pain from happening.   This is especially true when it comes to the spine, and the professionals at The Chiropractic Place  and Spine-Health attest to this fact.  According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, approximately 17,000 spinal cord injuries happen per year.   A lot of time chiropractors don’t fix the actual injuries, but they provide adjustments to keep you from having injuries, and that’s the main reason we recommend this practice.


TEDMED is a meeting of minds. The Texas Medical Association seeks to hobnob with medical organizations and practitioners from various places in the world and exchange ideas that can improve the medical profession

The Texas Medical Association has made it its mission to overcome challenges in the medical profession through innovative research and collective action. TMA publishes a monthly news publication called Texas Medicine for members. TEDMED can provide news on medical developments, professionals, research, new technologies, and medical innovations to be published in Texas

Home care for the elderly

Living in a convalescent home may be needed, but many elderly people prefer, as all of us, in their own home.   This is where home care comes in: Real people help elderly people do the things that they are, unfortunately, not able to do themselves.  But, there are two types of health care, and one includes helping seniors part time with chores, errands, and things like that.  The other kind is 24 hour home care, and this is more detailed and difficult work that generally includes helping seniors with bathroom care and distributing meds.  Our goal is to partner with home care professionals to make a better Austin!


The Texas Medical Association brings together medical practitioners from all over Texas. With the resources provided by TEDMED, Texan medical practitioners can gain new insights and inspirations that can help improve medical practices inmedical-health1

TEDMED sessions are varied and always interesting. Delegates and participants begin each day of the conference with exercise and a healthy breakfast before going on to the different sessions of the day. A session can be headed by Nobel Prize-winning speaker, an entertaining dance troupe, a medical lobbyist, or even a brilliant young medical student. No matter the activity, these sessions are always thought-

Conference Details

The conference may only be for two and a half days, but it will definitely be fulfilling and deeply informative. There will be 50 speakers from various fields in medicine, participants from 121 countries, and 1000 delegates from numerous and distinct professions. Participants from the media, the arts, the sciences, the government, business, the academe, law, and of course the medical profession will come together and form holistic solutions to various issues in medical care.

There will be opportunities to relax and listen to live performances at the end of each evening.